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ProBriefs automatically categorizes your cases by course, topic and date due. all stored in one convenient place.

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Create flash cards from info you already have. Why retype when you can reuse!

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Quickly and easily manage due dates for cases and assignments in one place.

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What is ProBriefs?

ProBriefs is a comprehensive web app designed to be handle the most common and tedious tasks a law student will encounter. Organization in law school is of paramount importance. With cases to read, briefs to prepare, rules to memorize, deadlines to meet, and outlines to craft, even the most diligent student can easily fall behind. ProBriefs provides an end-to-end solution to help students manage those demands and position them for success.

The demands of law school can stretch thin even the most dedicated student. ProBriefs eliminates duplicated efforts by using the same information and automatically produces meaningful study materials. Time is the most precious resource in law school. ProBriefs can help you use that time efficiently.

ProBriefs offers a low, one-time subscription price, with no monthly recurring fees. Discounted pricing for multi-year subscriptions.

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Keys to Law School Success

In his book, a 30-year veteran law professor shared his observation that students who excel in law school all share similar characteristics and study habits. Through his experience he learned that the most successful students will:

1. Go to every class;
2. Read every case;
3. Brief every case; and
4. Make and study their outlines.

Based on those recommendations, ProBriefs was designed to give each student an intuitive platform to create and manage case briefs, extract important information, transform that information into meaningful study materials, and enable the student to stay organized.

Create Digital case briefs

Preparing a case brief forces the student to sythesize what has been read and enables the student to be confident when called upon in class. Following the customizable brief template will enable the student draw from the cases what law professors want students to know and be prepared for class discussions.

Briefing cases is integral to helping the student learn the concepts being taught. Resist the temptation to "book brief" or rely on commercial case briefs. Students who take the time to synthesize the case into their own words retain more information and will have an advantage at test time, when it really counts. Comercially prepared case briefs can be a helpful supplement, but are no substitute for actually doing the work. There are no shortcuts to success in law school.

The ProBriefs platform is designed for flexibility. Each student can define the sections of their case brief template for the level of detail they want to capture.

Build Your Review List with a click

As the student enters the details of each case brief, those items can be tagged for later review with a single click, and automatially populates a review list that can be printed or viewed online for each course. This can be especially helpful for rules the student will be tested on, or specific details of a case. This method eliminates redundant efforts and saves time, which is the most precious resource for a law student.

Integrated Flash Cards

Automatically convert review list items to integrated digital flash cards with a click. Flash cards can be organized into folders that each student can customize. Flash card categories or folders are particularly useful to group flash cards into chapters or major topics covered in each course. Our export wizard generates an export format that can be imported into popular flash card apps, such as Quizlet.

Organization is Critical to Success

During the first year of law school it is not uncommon for a student to be assigned over 600 cases. The sheer volume of assignments requires expert organizational skills. ProBriefs categorizes cases by course and is searchable by the different elements of the case as well as assignable tags. ProBriefs automatically populates a daily list of cases due so you can easily find and print your briefs before class.

Integrated assignment lists can be used to keep track of your assignment and to-do lists so you never miss a deadline. Assignments can be organized by class or by due date.

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