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Home Page

The home view provides the student with an overview of the courses in progress, previous courses, and links to access the cases within each course, review lists and displays the student's schedule.

Dashboard View

The dashboard view provides the student with a high-level overview of important statistics and due dates for coursework, including total cases (complete, incomplete, and past due), cases due today, tomorrow, and this week.

Course View

The course view provides the student with a quick reference list to each case contained in that particular course. This view give only the pertinent details and a brief overview the case description and what learning topic the case covered.

Case View

The case view provides the student with an input form for recording important points ofeach case. Details of the case can be tagged with the checkmark box to automatically populate the student's review list for that class. The review checkbox is particularly helpful for rules the student will be responsible for remembering, definitions or legal terms, or case holdings. Once an item has been tagged for review, the edit icon changes to yellow, indicating the item has been included on the review lis. The review list is easily accessible from the title bar at the top right. Also in the title bar is a convenient link to a printer-friendly version for the student to print and take to class.

Automatic Review Lists

The review list is populated by items marked for review within each case brief. Additionally, review items may be manualy input for important items that may not be related to any particular case. Review lists also have a printer-friendly format to allow studying away from the computer.

Flash Cards

Integrated flash cards can be created with a single click from review list items. Users can define folders within each course to segregate flash cards by topic. Additionally flash cards can be printed in a table format for review and can be exported to popular flash card programs like Quizlet.

Planning Tools

Included in the feature set is a user submitted transcript. This can be used to keep track of your performance throughout your law school career and can be used for GPA planning and "what if" scenarios.

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